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Analyze up to 5 marketplace pages in one simple list. Compare companies, goods and prices, SEO.[Show instructions]

How to use

Viewer and analyzer for marketplace results.

Easy way

Enter a search string in the query and start the search.

After a few seconds, you will be shown up to 5 pages of search results on single list.

This option is suitable if you just want to view many products at one page.

The main categories / subcategories and filters available to the user on the search page of will be shown also.

Advanced way

Go to the site, select the desired section, filter, and so on.

Copy the full URL of the catalog page ( from the browser address bar into the search bar here  (show how).

Run a search, you will see all the products of the first 5 pages of the catalog on single list.

This option is suitable for SEO analysis of the positions of online stores (both your own and competitors) in the search results of

You can immediately highlight your store(s) in green, competitor stores in red. You can also mark individual products in red or green.

You can turn on the "show only checked" mode to view the results in a compact form.

The main categories / subcategories and filters available to the user on catalog page will be shown as options for quick navigation.

Markings are retained when navigating.

You can evaluate the positions of your own and competing stores at with a couple of clicks!

Supported marketplaces

Supported analysis and rating of products and sellers for marketplaces

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